School, Work, Sleep and Birthday Fun!

Hola to all! Time is continuing to fly by here in Viña dell Mar and although nothing particularly noteworthy or exciting has happened since my most recent trip, I thought it would be nice to catch everyone up on my daily routine (as mundane as it may be), the details of my internship, and most importantly, how I celebrated my 22nd birthday in Chile!

WARNING: The contents of this post would be considered to some, extremely boring. If you have absolutely no inerest in the strucutre of the limited liability corporation that I am working for, I advise you to scroll to the latter portion of the post where you can induldge in reading about the much more exciting and interesting parts of my life.

In addition to taking classes, I have officially started working at my internship 5 days a week! Despite the fact that I am a marketing major,  I am working in the working capital department at a logistics company called Empresas Taylor.  I have to admit, at this point in time I am a bit overwhelmed. I am still trying to grasp the overall organizational structure of the company. Essentially, Empresas Taylor is a holding company that is located in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. The overall mission of The Taylor Group of Companies “is to develop specific solutions for client’s logistic requirements and at the same time optimizing the trade, transport and the other services between the West Coast of South America and the rest of the world.”(Empresas Taylor, 2013).   The company specializes in three different business sectors, including, maritime (ship agency and towage), logistics (freight forwarding and cargo transport), and brokerage (bunker brokerage and trading) divisions.  Without going into too much detail, each business division is composed of different companies, or brands. For example, the maritime division consists of the Ian and Taylor brand, while the logistics division is associated with the TransMartay and TSMP Logistics brands. The majority of the “brands” function as partnerships and all belong to Inversiones y Servicios Taylor (InverTay), which is a limited liability coporation.  I work for Invertay in the finance department (more specifically the working capital department, as I mentioned above) and complete tasks associated with the identification and control of payment to suppliers.

I sincerely apologize for going off on a tangent about the corporate structure of The Taylor Group of Companies. However, it is the best way I know how to describe my internship. I hope that the information I summarized is accurate… it has been difficult to understand the logistics of the company, but I am learning!

To be completely honest, the internship is off to a slow start. While I am actively researching about the company in order to acquire more information in regard to its functions, organization and strucutre, financial condition, etc.; I would like to be more actively engaged on the job. I am hoping that as time passes I will be given a lengthier list of responsbilites. I will say, as much as I enjoy working with and learning about a business area that is different than my primary major, I am now confident that marketing is in fact the right field for me.  I thrive on the hands on work, constant communcation with others, and implementation of my creative skills. If you are now crying from boredom, you can´t say I didn´t warn you to skip ahead! 🙂

Between class and school I virtually have no life during the weekdays. Working for 8 hours on Friday is the ABSOLUTE worst, but I am pushing through it! In the coming weeks I am taking off a considerable amount of time (don´t worry COB, I will still successfuly complete my 300 required hours) becaue my parents will be visiting (yes, I am beyond excited) and I have a couple of trips planned! Additioanlly, due to the fact that I am constantly occupied,  the time seesm to be flying by even faster than before.  It is hard to believe that I only have approximately three and a half months left….

Other than going to school, going to work, and sleeping when I get the chance, not much else has been going on besides the fact that I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday in Chile! Yeah, how many people can say that!?!?!?! My special day was off to a great start from the get go. At midnight (Chilean time) on the dot I received birthday wishes from my closest friends and family members. Much to my surprise, I also had a 15 minute video waiting for me to watch on my Facebook wall. One of my best friends, Elaina (with some assitance from my one of my other best friends, Lauren), had filmed a series of birthday wishes from my family, friends, co-workers, professors, kids I babysit, etc. All of the birthday wishes were compiled into an EPIC video, which truly made my birthday beyond amazing. If you have not seen the video, you should check it out!

I can honestly say that I have watched the video at least 15 times, and cried every time I watched it. It was just that good. I am so blessed to have such wonderfully people in my life. Elaina you out did yourself!!!

The night of my birthday my friends John and Rebecca came over and had dinner with my Chilean family. We had homemade pizza, cake, and a variety of alcoholic beverages. The food was great and the company was even better. We sat and conversed (in Spanish of course) for over 3 hours. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity spend my birthday with them! It is definitely one that I will never forget.

While the aforementioned epic video and simply spending the day with family and friends was enough to suffice as a birthday gift, my Chilean family, John, and Rebecca all had a little something for me. My family bought me a Chile souvenir book so that I will always be able to remember the beautuful places that I traveled to. Rebecca got me a ton of Reese´s and packages of “5” gum (each of which I have an addiction to), a minature Chilean flag, and a post card from her trip to Torres del Paine.  John bought me a bottle of Tanqueray (my liquour of choice) and burnt me a disc of the 641 songs on his “Favorites” playlist. For those of you who don’t know, when John and I travel together we use a headphone splitter so that we can both listen to his iPod. I would constantly  talk about how obsessed I am with his music and attempt to write down every song that I liked (which was virtually impossible becasue I literally liked all of them and there were over 600). That being said, it was truly the perfect gift! As if this was not enough, John and Rebecca handmade  coupons for a free drink of my choice at Starbuck´s  (I am addicted to Tazo green tea), a free lunch at our favorite restaurant Don Monolo, a trip to the beach, and a promised to trip to go hike La Campana in Olmue, Chile.

I was fortunate enough to have yet another birthday celebration on Friday. My co-workers and I went out to lunch in order to celebrate mine, along with my boss´s birthdays. We went to a quaint restaurant in Valparaiso and drank mini pisco sours and ate mini empanadas, soup, salad, and birthday dessert.  Then, after a long and painful 8-hour work day,Tomas, Rebecca, John and I all went out for sushi. 🙂

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Although I could not ask for a better two days of celebration, my BEST gift arrived today. YES, my parents are currently in Viña del Mar. Words cannot express my excitement.

Can’t wait until I can tell you all about their experiences here in my next post!!!!

Until next time!


One thought on “School, Work, Sleep and Birthday Fun!

  1. Alana says:

    This will seem dorky because we are here physically with you but just wanted to say how blessed we are to have you and how much we love you…. You are a VERY special person inside and out. Keep the beautiful pictures coming. I am so impressed with your photography and how incredible your photos are. Love you:) p.s. I will be purchasing Rosetta Stone when I get home!,

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