Chilling in Chiloé

Ahoy to all! Just a few short days ago I returned from a relaxing weekend in Chiloé, Chile. Literally, without the slightest concept of time or care in the world, we chilled in Castro, Chiloé, Chile  for three days. Let me tell you now, chilling in Chiloé is an activity that I would recommend to anyone interested in traveling to Chile! (Yes, I was trying my hardest to use as many words as I could that began with the letter “C.”)

My adventure commenced last Thursday, with what was supposed to be a 15 hour bus ride to Puerto Montt. Due to traffic delays, our bus arrived nearly 4 hours behind schedule (wahhh, wahhh, wahhh). The best part is… WE STILL WERE NOT THERE YET! After waiting 2 hours in Puerto Montt, we finally boarded our 3 and 1/2 hour bus ride to Castro. Nearly famished upon our arrival (poor us) we stopped at local restaurant and inhaled what I would consider to be the best salmon that I have ever eaten. One could argue that it was the best salmon that my taste buds have ever had the pleasure to enjoy due to my starving state of mind; however, I like to think that because the small island is known for its delicious fish, it really and truly was the BEST salmon EVER.  Not to mention, we went to the exact same restaurant for dinner the following night, where I happened to order the exact same thing, and it was just as good! Anywho… enough about the food! Immediately after dinner we went to check in to our hostel, Palafito Sur.

Palafito Sur, Hostel

Palafito Sur, Hostel

The hostel was GREAT! It was clean, had hot showers, and had so much character! I would highly recommend it to anyone staying on the island. Being our first night there, we mingled with the other hostel dwellers and formulated a game plan for the next day.

The next morning we woke up planning on taking a bus to the National Park; however, those plans quickly changed (for the better) when a Hispanic couple whom we met the night before offered to chauffeur us around in their rental car for the day! It was great to have the ability to drive around in a car because we had the opportunity to stop and take pictures whenever we wanted! On the way to our first destination, we stopped to take pictures of some of Chiloé’s unique sites, including houses on stilts, a multitude of churches (which are official national monuments and heritage of humanity sites), and lakes.

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Our first official stop was the National Park, which I loved as the scenery was much different than what I have seen throughout my time in Chile. We then took a ferry to the small island of Isla Lemu and walked a remote nature trail! Everything was so picturesque and it was great to once again have a day to take in the much too often overlooked beauty of our planet.

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The next morning was Easter Sunday and I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend one of Chiloé’s most famous churches, Iglesia San Francisco de Castro. Both the church and the service were absolutely beautiful, and it is truly an experience that I will never forget!

After church, John and I decided to island hope and ventured to Dalcahue, Curaco de Vélez, and Achao. Literally, everything was closed and deserted due to the fact that it was Easter Sunday. Nevertheless, we had a blast exploring the small towns!

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Our unforgettable Easter Sunday ended in the kitchen where we (believe it or not) prepared a home cooked Easter dinner!


Before we knew it, it was Monday morning and sadly, we had to say good bye to Chiloé. Luckily the trip home was much less painful and I arrived in Viña just in time for class on Tuesday morning! All in all, our lazy weekend is one that I will never forget. I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to chill in Chiloé again 🙂

On a side note….

For those of you who do not already know, myself along with 7 other Butler University students recently completed an interdisciplinary independent study in which we wrote, illustrated, published, and marketed a children’s book (He Huffed and He Puffed But…) about asthma. The book is a fractured fairy tale that takes a new spin on an age-old story. It is a tale about asthma through the eyes of the Big Bad Wolf, also known as Tim Burwulf. Tim is a young pup with a taste for three little pigs. However, when he tries to blow their houses down, he can’t! Each house he encounters acts as a trigger for his asthma. After visiting the doctor and pharmacist, Tim learns all about the symptoms and treatments of asthma that aid him in regaining his “huff and puff.”

I am proud to finally announce that the books are in and are up for sale via the following link:



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    Ally, your pictures are awesome….

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