¡VIVA CHILE! Fútbol at its Finest!





Was one of the many chants that flooded Chile’s soccer stadium just a few days ago. Chile took on Uruguay’s national soccer team in Santiago on Tuesday night, and I had the honor of being there to witness the important win! The experience was much different than attending an American sports event as the food at the stadium was literally non-existent. When I arrived, I was ready to indulge on nachos and soft pretzels. However, much to my dismay, the only food offered was ham sandwiches and Coke. Ha! All food aside, the soccer fans in Chile are crazy! Despite the fact that I do not know much about soccer and was confused for most of the game, the atmosphere made the experience incredible. Each time Chile scored the stadium erupted into a roar of cheering and everyone hugged and kissed their neighbors. I must admit, some of the chants were very inappropriate, but no one seemed to care! The majority of the chants, which I will not share with you as I know I have a few young readers, were directed at the Uruguayan soccer player, Suarez. Chilean soccer fans strongly dislike the fútbol star and were not afraid to express it!

For all of you soccer fans who would like a play by play of the game, check out my friend John’s travel blog: Gone With The Guys. He gives a full recap of all of the exciting moments and explains why exactly this game was so important. Like I said, I did not know what was going on for 95% of the time, but I sure had a great time cheering for Chile! 🙂

I truly had a blast at the game and will definitely try to go back when Chile takes on Bolivia in June! That’s all I have for now. Enjoy the pictures, and I will have a post next week about my trip to Castro!









3 thoughts on “¡VIVA CHILE! Fútbol at its Finest!

  1. Rose M. Dunn says:

    Alex, I have enjoyed your blog so mch. Thanks for sharing with me.
    Rose Marie

  2. Don Davis says:

    Alex you are having way too much fun and I am glad you are. I really enjoy your updates and pictures keep them coming. Take care Pop-Pop

  3. Don says:

    Fantastic, Alex! The stadium looks outstanding and love the passion of the fans. After chasing your brother all over the country, could not help but to think how much he would enjoy the opportunity to go. Anyway, tell John thanks for the game rundown…like reading about it in SI. Take care and be safe!

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